What’s Your is Ours (My talk at Digital Dumbo #20)

28 Sep

When Andrew Zarick aka @A2Z asked me if SnapGoods wanted to co-host Digital Dumbo #20, I leaped at the chance.  Obviously the SnapGoods crew loves a good party (see evidence of our Brooklyn Brewery Sponsored Beer Run) but we were also super excited at the chance to share some of what we’ve learned in the past few months as a team innovating in Social Commerce.  And we’ve learned A LOT.

Probably the most interesting and awesome thing we’ve learned is that if SnapGoods can keep people and their stuff safe (via integrated payments, deposits and/or insurance, reputation, identity verification, etc) people enjoy helping each other out.  Some do it to find deals, some do it to find new projects, activities and personal connections.  BUT everyone seems to be having fun.  Score!

We believe that “Access” is the key to better commercial and personal relationships and the attached video is my 12 minute, 34 second abstract take on that.  Check out the twist at the end.  Collaboration in action.  More concretely, we’ve built a platform that lets you use and try the things you need or THINK you might be interested in, inexpensively, less wastefully, and locally.  So I’d ask you, if the world’s closet is available to you tomorrow, what will you do and what will you learn?  Go find out.


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