Good for All, Good for Business

22 Oct

We had the pleasure of attending BBMG’s awesome in-studio event at their beautiful new digs in DUMBO.  First of all, if you don’t know BBMG, you’re doing it wrong.  Their unabashed recognition of the fact that massive social good can be accomplished by harnessing the power of the markets is bold…and effective.  Practical + Social + Tribal = Good for all of us and good business (

Clearly, we’re on the same page here at SnapGoods and it is a rare treat to chat with such sharp folks who understand the intersection of Cause and Good Business.  Big shout to Raphael and Mitch for paving the way.  Here’s what we know that we hope you understand: here in the SnapGoods Labs, we’re busy cooking up different ways to demonstrate the power of sharing and access so that we can all benefit.  Things are changing in a fashion that supports our efforts and the new way to engage your community and the products and experiences that you love is shifting: Why access over ownership?  Why sharing over hoarding?

Because it’s actually cool to preview something you might want to purchase (imagine having to spend $13.00 on a movie with no

Good for us and business?

trailer??).  Because the benefit of knowing what’s available to you in your building has less to do with the items you can borrow, rent or trade and more to do with the personal connections and new friendships you can call on to make your community that much more close-knit (read safer, funner, better).  And the fact is that good products and vibrant communities doing more and experiencing more is good for the economy and good for the businesses underpinning the economy.  And guess what, there is nothing wrong with that.  Social change and commercial effort do NOT have to be mutually exclusive.

So get in the game.  Tell us why this matters to you.  Tell us why you do this. Tell us why you care about Social Commerce, Collaborative Consumption and the Access Economy?  Or tell us why you don’t care at all. 🙂  Can business and social causes hold hands and play nice in a meaningful way that results in better living for all of us?


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