London is Calling…

7 Feb

We’ve generally stopped posting links to new media coverage because we feel like the most important thing we can do here on this blog is communicate milestones and and engage your imagination about what you’d like to see us grow up and become.  That said, it’s noteworthy to share that we were covered and Chief Snapster Ron J. was quoted in the London Evening Standard as a part of a piece by journalist Ben Bryant on Collaborative Consumption, SnapGoods and the Access Economy.  This is noteworthy because it’s our first major international print coverage (London ES goes to 1.6mm readers) AND is in a market that we hope to get to in the not too distant future…and this was the first time we went on the record acknowledging that.

To that end, I want to return to the fundamentals of this blog and share that we are excited but also nervous and very much looking to learn from native UK folks and businesses.  We believe that partnership is critical to achieve the kind of world changing social commerce vision that we have bubbling over the walls of our humble DUMBO Offices.  If you have ideas about and opinions about what we’re doing, please share your thoughts here or drop us an email!

We’re pretty darn excited at what’s coming next and we’re looking forward to serving your needs whether you spell color with or without a ‘u’. 🙂

So it seems London is Calling and we we’re looking forward to answering…


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