Kick your Status Quo in the Face with some Passion

18 Feb

My morning so far: I get up at 4am to start rocking on the to-do list that fills various SnapGoods and home whiteboards. I’m online exactly 2.45 secs when @johnnygoods greets me on skype with a matrix-like ‘hello’…. He then ROCKS my world with a Neo-like display of product updates after a 24 hour code binge. He’s high as hell, flying on the seratonin sensations that can come ONLY from doing what you love.  I am blown away by how our little SG is coming along.  I am floored by the energy crackling through my screen like stray arcs of lightning off of an industrial transformer.  In that moment I have three thoughts:

  1. I CAN’T imagine doing anything else at this moment (passion)
  2. I CAN’T imagine having a better squad to anchor with (team)
  3. I can LITERALLY hear the Eye of the Tiger in my head while we’re skyping

So it’s 6:10am now, I’m still pumped.  Like vibrating high octane pumped.  Reminded of how excited to call this team my team I am and busting at the seams to share some of what’s been going on.  And all I can think to do is share with you that I know there is something inside of you that is EATING you up from the inside to get out and live.  It wants you to make the world better, more fair, prettier, more social, better networked, more filled with tasty cupcakes, or WHATever. But it’s in you and wants to get out.  And you need to let it.  Find those kindred spirits who want to change the world with you in what ever way big or small that has you hearing music when you get really jazzed.  Drop kick that status quo in the chest!

Yup, that's your Status Quo taking boots to the face.

Baby steps! Sketch out some ideas. Host a brunch or coffee sesh (talk to Jonathan Landau. He had a brilliant and inspired brainstorm sesh with some great peops on his awesome art-related project!) with some people to test your assumptions. Shoot, come swing by SnapGoods HQ and workshop it with us on a Brown Bag lunch day.

All I can say is if you don’t know the feeling of waking up early and staying up late to keep plugging away and STILL having more energy than an ADHD kid drunk on a triple espresso then I’d suggest you take the strangle hold off your Passion and get cracking.  And def feel free to write us for some supportive motivational vibes.  Passion is CONTAGIOUS! Sharing. Hooking you up. That’s what we’re here for!

In fact, Team SnapGoods is about to completely reinvent the Hook Up in 2011…

(I can literally barely contain myself. holler if you’d like a sneak peek…)


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