The Revolution WILL be televised and streamed live from the Road!

24 Feb


Gil Scott Heron Didn't Know about the RRT!...

Very excited to announce that we are partnering with rockstar opera singer , entrepreneur and author Ja-Nae Duanesocial media man about town and good friend Topher Zioboro and a host of other super talented creatives and entrepreneurs to create Our Revolution: Roadtrip! 20 cities worth of Road Trip, cultural exchange, town halls for social change, jam sessions with locals AND local creativity love fests.  All in the name of social good!  10 cities on the way down to Austin with a special SXSW SnapGoods Sharegasms Happy Hour in honor of the fearless crew who will be driving for a week+ to get down to SXSW and filming and uploading for your entertainment!  Join the fan page to keep up to date with the team’s progress and help make this even more awesome!

  • Non-stop action
  • Crazy creative mind melds
  • Oodles of opportunities to reconnect with your inner performer
  • Tons of chances to share ideas, stories and experiences

And there will be a competition for which city is the most revolutionary, so how revolutionary are you?

Going down…

New York : Launch Party!


Washington D.C.

Raleigh, N.C.

Charlotte, N.C.


Mobile, AL

New Orleans


Austin: For the entire SXSW conference

You can follow the awesome Roadtrip adventures at


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