Orange is the New Color of Collaborative Consumption

1 Mar

We received some awesome credit for being protagonists and pioneers in the Collaborative consumption space and wanted to share the love and also give our own credit to the things around us that inspire!

Have some of my SnapGoods Orange

If we’re going to suggest you do stuff that’s good for you, we’re going to make damn sure that stuff is enjoyable and delicious.  In that spirit, we’ve selected the humble, noble, sweet and delectable orange as our flag of tasty better living.  The orange is shareable.  The orange is sweet.  The orange is good for you. To quote crazy man and globe trotting bad boy Charlie Sheen, the orange is “winning!”

We woke up this morn and were more than a little excited to see chief Snapster and co-founder Ron J get written up by the awesome Collaborative Consumption representers and authors of the most excellent tome What’s Mine is Yours.

Read this now!

We’re big fans of the work of authors Rachel and Roo for their awareness-raising and thought leading efforts and are proud to be counted among the ranks of so many awesome entrepreneurs tackling the space in a variety of innovative ways.

In the spirit of sharing, it’s only right and fun and fair to share that co-founder and resident product Jockey/Jedi Master (AND BIRTHDAY BOY so wish him happy birthday here or here) deserves recognition for combatting the evils of wack code and unimpressive execution of good ideas made even better through collaboration.  Also, Mike G is a champ who manages to bang out cross-platform, cross-browser, cross device goodness while maintaining a keen sense of what must-attend concerts are coming up.

Viva la Collaborative Consumption movement and big thanks to the What’s Mine is Yours squad and other awesome entrepreneurs, authors and USERS LIVING IT in the space!



One Response to “Orange is the New Color of Collaborative Consumption”

  1. rent-n-roll February 8, 2012 at 8:17 am #

    Collaborative Consumption is indeed a cool thing. We expect it to become an essential part of global economics, especially as technology continues to connect people all around the world. In Germany, we enable p2p-carsharing and thereby connect car owners with renters on

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