Proof that We Rock…Hard

7 Mar

We love music.  Mike goes to more shows than there are calendar days .  Ron used to rap.  John does a mean scotch fueled beatbox and can’t be stopped on air guitar.  So it was awesome when we got to hang with Deadbeat Darling because 1) we love their music, 2) they love SnapGoods and 3) they were like, ‘love to get on cam and talk about it.’  Boom. No-brainer.  So here’s a lil’ something we put together to record the moments…(thanks to ETC Productions for being awesome!)

Now, while Joe is a natural on cam talking about a sweet community focused platform for getting the hook up, YOU AIN’T SEEN NOTHING until you see these guys perform.  Bowery Ballroom show was legendary!  Go find out where they’re playing next!

And now, check out the vid, leave a comment and share the love…there’s a special link buried in the description…if you haven’t seen SG2.0 and have been jonesing for an invite code…voila!


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