The New New Hotness

10 Mar

So we’re gearing up to hit the road TOMORROW to bring Sharegasms to the good people and visitors of Austin, TX for SxSW and we couldn’t be more stoked to finally admit what we’ve been wanting to for 24 hours…WE’RE coming to your town!!!

And what better way to celebrate our finally being ready to activate snapsters nationwide than to find out that Tech Crunch agreed that what we’ve built is the new hotness! Obvi we tots agree, yo.  So, we’re not quite as cute as a bucket of puppies:
BUT, thanks to all of our intrepid early Snapsters and supporters, we’re a hell of a lot more functional, fun and we come housebroken already.

So what’s new and what’s got everyone from Toronto to Moscow curious?

Well, for starters…YOU!  We put more YOU into snapgoods.  Your network, your interests, your needs, all bundled up into a (still work in progress but evolving) user experience that does a better job of connecting you to people who want to hook you up.  And THAT is what we’ve realized this is about.  You may not always have that thing I’m looking for, but you know someone who does.  So we’ve made it easy for you to pass the message AND get rewarded for the assist.  That’s the power of your network working for you!

We’ve also made SnapGoods even safer and gotten rid of the need for a paypal account.  Did I mention the SnapGoods Guarantee??  If you lend a verified snapster your gear and it comes back damaged, we’ve got you covered! No stress, no worries, because we deeply connect to our users and we’ve got your back.  That makes us the safest and easiest place to borrow or rent from your network and neighbors anywhere on the web.  There’s even more to see and do on the inside so get in there, register and get hooked up!

Big shouts to the Our Revolution Roadtrip crew out on the road igniting citizen led social good!  Keep up the good work and see you guys in Austin!!


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