Stoked to be Poked

18 Apr

We have been extremely lucky and blessed to be passionate about and building something that people seem to care about.  And we don’t take it for granted that other folks’ efforts in our space continue to shine a light on the work we are all doing.  With that said it’s definitely gratifying for us to be asked to tell even the smallest pieces of our story to the people who ask.

Well, in this case in the past couple of weeks we have been asked to speak a few times.  The most recent suggestion was from our good friend Laurie Davis, Founder of awesome service eFlirt expert.  She hit me and asked if I would be interested in submitting my personal SxSW and startup story to Seth Godin’s awesome digital publishing project Poke the Box.  I said heck yeah and so the origin story of SnapGoods got to be memorialized alongside a gaggle of other awesome and motiveated creators, doers and shakers (so who cares if SxSW jumped the shark, right??)

Please go take a read if you’d like to know how I poke the box.



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