Are you a connector?

5 May

We recently rolled out some pretty basic but pretty interesting functionality: ‘the Assist.’  You may not have the thing that I want to borrow or rent but you know someone who does, don’tcha?  Of course you do because you’re the kind of person that snaps your fingers and says stuff like ‘Oh, that makes me think of my friend Bob, whom you should meet.  He’d be perfect for that time machine project you just told me about!’…and you do that kind of stuff just because you like to connect and help people.

We wanted to capture some of that social awesomeness by giving you a simple button to push if you’re a connector and by rewarding you for being the awesome person that you are.  In the case below John Gis actually looking to grab a GPS running computer to kickoff his newbie triathlon training season.

Help john out you connector!

What’s cool is that all around awesome dudes Peter Shankman (Founder of HARO, speaker extraordinaire and Ironman Triathlete) and Baratunde (Web Editor of the Onion, comedian, author and vigilante pundit) have passed the message themselves and are Assisting John in finding this gear.  Sweet!  You should help out too!

Real point is we want to give our community simple one-touch buttons to make itself more effective at meeting its own needs.  Plus we give real REDEEMABLE-for-$ points to connectors so that when you have a need yourself you can spend the good Karma you’ve earned connecting others.  What do you think of that you friggin awesome Super Connector you?

What do the non-Connectors think?  Is this helpful to you when you’re looking for something?  Post a want ad and try it out!


2 Responses to “Are you a connector?”

  1. Rent-n-roll January 18, 2012 at 9:53 am #

    We are connectors because we enable peer-to-peer carsharing, which is now also becoming more and more popular in Europe! See for example WhipCar in Great Britain on and rent-n-roll in Germany on Nevertheless, promoting p2p car rental might be much easier in countries where ownership of is not as important as its use. In my view, that’s one of the reasons the U.S. is the chief pioneer for Collaborative Consumption.


  1. Ready. Set. Go…find me some help! « Building and growing the Access Economy - May 26, 2011

    […] Back to the example of the shellacking I took on the Paintball field, my high-pitched screams for help were about as effective as posting a request for apartment-moving help on my fb wall on a Monday morning. Yeah…the cavalry didn’t come AND I revealed my position.  What if you wanted to start some exploratory conversations about a new job?  What if you wanted to start shopping for a rock?  What if you wanted to borrow a bouncy palace for a surprise party?  Who would you ask?  How would you do it discreetly?  Putting together tools to help you get and give more value to your community is what we are all about (like when we rolled out the Assist button for the super connectors). […]

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