Ready. Set. Go…find me some help!

26 May

We came, We saw, We got Shot up by the Ladies.

When you need help where do you turn? Especially on the field of battle?

So picture the scenario: I’m pinned down taking heavy fire from behind a swisscheese-like structure with enough holes in it to let serious flak through.  I’ve got the enemy’s lead position identified but to take the shot I need some cover fire because the enemy’s support is laying down serious fire.  I don’t know where the heavy fire is coming from and I don’t know which of my team-members to shout to to get help or get intelligence.  Crap!  So I did what any red-blooded excitable manly man does, I leaned out to take the shot despite my not having a complete picture…and got shot up by three different assailants…fired with precision and love from the barrels of Team Ladies-Rule.  (Sidebar: the ladies were SERIOUS.  Most winningest folks on the field at Startup Shootem Up Paintball Day were the Ladies by far)

As I thought about it, this scenario became a painful (and bruise-accompanied) reminder of something that we’ve been obsessing about at SnapGoods HQ: when you really really need help (like when your girlfriend and her menacing paintball ninja squad won’t accept your surrender), even with all of the interwebs, location-based apps, smart-ish phone, and other communications tools at your fingertips, sometimes you still don’t know the right person to ask and/or the best way to ask them.

We think that the thing that we (and current tech in general) are not doing well is helping you ask the right people the right questions at the right time as it pertains to the stuff you need in a way that’s not annoying or unstrategic.  I.e. when I’m looking for a powerbook charger in Boston by South Station, there are probably only a few people who can actually help me out in the time frame I have…so why am I shouting for help from the top of a facebook wall or twitter stream to ALL my followers.

Back to the example of the shellacking I took on the Paintball field, my high-pitched screams for help were about as effective as posting a request for apartment-moving help on my fb wall on a Monday morning. Yeah…the cavalry didn’t come AND I revealed my position.  What if you wanted to start some exploratory conversations about a new job?  What if you wanted to start shopping for an apartment?  What if you wanted to borrow a bouncy palace for a surprise party?  Who would you ask?  How would you do it discreetly?  Putting together tools to help you get and give more value to your community is what we are all about (like when we rolled out the Assist button for the super connectors).

So with that, I’m off to go train for our next Startup Shootem Up Paintball Day, and continue to process the fact that my girlfriend is just THAT much better at paintball than I am.  Oh yeah, AND I’m also excited to share that you guys are gonna like what we’re cooking up.  Right question, for right person to help you with what you need.

So here are some questions:

  1. What kind of questions do you sometimes have that you feel could benefit from a better understanding of who to ask?
  2. Do you want to be a person who gets and early look at how our product is evolving because you love us (because we love you)?  If so, email snapbassador at snapgoods dot com and join the squad!

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