So I walk up to a VC and say…

28 Jul

…’You like Hip Hop.’ A statement. Super simple. Super confident.  I hadn’t googled this. I hadn’t bugged his office. And I’d never met the man. But somewhere, somewhen recently, he’d talked about spinning his favorite hip-hop cuts in the awesome and currently trending And Knodes knew that.  It knew that because it had searched across my various social networks (twitter, linkedin and facebook) analyzing my connections and the conversations digitally happening all around me. So when I was looking for people to whom I’m connected (followers, following, friends, etc) chatting about Hip Hop (I wanted authentic TRUSTED opinions), Knodes informed me that this VC (whom I follow on Twitter) is fairly high up in my “Hip Hop Knode.” That’s Whoa (as Black Rob would say)

Then we talk about how I use Knodes to save me time when I’m looking for perspectives on companies, people and products and he says ‘I need that.’ FTW.

OK, it’s a good convo with a VC any day you’re telling the truth about loving and living in a product and the VC immediately gets the value proposition too.  But what about when you continue to see new and AWESOME use cases like seeking out influencers in your network who are passionate about particular topics? Topics like cars blocking the bike line

Well, typically, you’d blast to your followers and friends something like, “Hey, who here is pissed about cars in bike lanes and the laws that let cops ticket cyclists.”  And typically some fraction of a percent of folks would respond, not because more people don’t care but because you didn’t directly ask them and/or because they missed the tweet/status update.  But what if you could quickly do a search on “Bike Lane” commentary and passionate people?  Well that’s EXACTLY how I used Knodes today after encountering this wonderful piece of work by the NYPD.  Yes, if you’re wondering that is a cop car PARKED in the bike lane.

Right in the bike lane.  So I stopped, snapped this picture and fuming, whipped around the cop car narrowly escaping being clipped by the oncoming cars.  Now what?  Well I could tweet this myself but shouldn’t I rope in some folks with a larger audience who care about this very topic?  I whipped out Knodes when I got to my desk and looked up my “Bike Lane” Knode and lo and behold, Brian Lehrer, a radio host on WNYC had just mentioned something about this less than a month ago.  I follow Brian on twitter but NEVER would have known about his feelings on the topic because I’d missed that tweet…but Knodes knows!  The twitter conversation below is what happened next.

Ain’t that something?  I was able to target an influencer and we both benefitted. He raised the profile of something that happened to me and instead of “shouting” at him about something irrelevant to his life, I was pointing his attention to something he’d likely care about.  And because he got involved, TransportNation got involved. Boom.

Another use case in the bag. FTW.  Turning “weak ties” and limited engagement into useful connections.  I wrote a bit about the problem a few weeks ago.  What do you think? Have you tried Knodes yet? If you’d like to check out the beta, comment here and/or tweet or share this post and we’ll make sure you skip the line of folks that we’re slowly and selectively letting in.

Oh and as I might say to my new favorite hip hop loving VC, throw ya hands in the ayerrrr!


One Response to “So I walk up to a VC and say…”

  1. Zane Aveton August 1, 2011 at 9:07 pm #

    I’d like to try Knodes.

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