About Team SnapGoods

What the heck is SnapGoods? Collaborative Consumption in action!

SnapGoods is a NYC-based startup creating things like Knodes and SnapGoods.com that help you leverage your network. Whether enabling you to discover the experts and relevant perspectives in your network or making it safe to rent or borrow anything you need from anyone, we love combining people, passion and data.  We do this by tapping the social and personal data in your online and offline networks in order to help you get more stuff done.

Chief Snapster

Ron J. Williams (aka @ronjdub) is the CEO & Co-Founder of SnapGoods.com.  Once a rapper, a boxer, always a perennial math geek/inquisitive why-asker and avid snowboarder BK-born Ron has worked in Strategy, finance and is a serial entrepreneur.  He LOVES the Matrix.  Like love love.  And owns 2 copies (one at home one to loan) of Stephen Hawking’s ‘A Brief History of Time.’  Feel free to drop him a line to talk about anything from Collaborative Consumption and the Access Economy to MMA, Snowboarding, gadgets, or your favorite kung-fu death grip.  You can also read more of his personal mental meanderings here at ronjdub.tumblr.com

CTO & Co-Founder

John Goodwin (aka @johnnygoods) is the CTO & Co-Founder.  He builds stuff that makes lives better. Because he wears glasses, he usually builds that stuff with a computer. Sometimes he builds that stuff in a kitchen with fire.  Brooklyn-born but variously raised, John is made for startups even though he used to work for the Man.  While he digs connecting people and can code up some mean enterprise software, he is secretly saving up to train to compete on Iron Chef.  If he is not working, he is biking, reading, or cooking and chowing down with friends and family.


4 Responses to “About Team SnapGoods”

  1. videopokeri November 10, 2011 at 12:50 pm #

    réel, et d’autres clients à poser des questions, mais ne pas les déranger, ou de perturbation dans leurs jeux.


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