Are you a connector?

5 May

We recently rolled out some pretty basic but pretty interesting functionality: ‘the Assist.’  You may not have the thing that I want to borrow or rent but you know someone who does, don’tcha?  Of course you do because you’re the kind of person that snaps your fingers and says stuff like ‘Oh, that makes me think of my friend Bob, whom you should meet.  He’d be perfect for that time machine project you just told me about!’…and you do that kind of stuff just because you like to connect and help people.

We wanted to capture some of that social awesomeness by giving you a simple button to push if you’re a connector and by rewarding you for being the awesome person that you are.  In the case below John Gis actually looking to grab a GPS running computer to kickoff his newbie triathlon training season.

Help john out you connector!

What’s cool is that all around awesome dudes Peter Shankman (Founder of HARO, speaker extraordinaire and Ironman Triathlete) and Baratunde (Web Editor of the Onion, comedian, author and vigilante pundit) have passed the message themselves and are Assisting John in finding this gear.  Sweet!  You should help out too!

Real point is we want to give our community simple one-touch buttons to make itself more effective at meeting its own needs.  Plus we give real REDEEMABLE-for-$ points to connectors so that when you have a need yourself you can spend the good Karma you’ve earned connecting others.  What do you think of that you friggin awesome Super Connector you?

What do the non-Connectors think?  Is this helpful to you when you’re looking for something?  Post a want ad and try it out!


Stoked to be Poked

18 Apr

We have been extremely lucky and blessed to be passionate about and building something that people seem to care about.  And we don’t take it for granted that other folks’ efforts in our space continue to shine a light on the work we are all doing.  With that said it’s definitely gratifying for us to be asked to tell even the smallest pieces of our story to the people who ask.

Well, in this case in the past couple of weeks we have been asked to speak a few times.  The most recent suggestion was from our good friend Laurie Davis, Founder of awesome service eFlirt expert.  She hit me and asked if I would be interested in submitting my personal SxSW and startup story to Seth Godin’s awesome digital publishing project Poke the Box.  I said heck yeah and so the origin story of SnapGoods got to be memorialized alongside a gaggle of other awesome and motiveated creators, doers and shakers (so who cares if SxSW jumped the shark, right??)

Please go take a read if you’d like to know how I poke the box.


On the Record on TV

9 Apr

So Chief Snapster Ron Jhad his first extended interview and managed not to stutter too badly or pass out.  Ron got a chance to kick it with Chief Creative Officer of BBMG, Mitch B and they had a blast covering everything from why SnapGoods reps the color orange

Snapbassadors get chucks...

to how it’s possible that a service that helps people find stuff nearby isn’t actually about the stuff at all.  Mitch even got Ron to go on record with some sage or not so sage (you be the judge. toward end of interview.) advice for other entrepreneurs and Mitch dropped science about the sphere of deviance (Mitch seriously needs a long-form talk show because he is a natural!)

Thanks to BBMG and Mitch for having us!

SxSW May Have Jumped the Shark…But I don’t Care

5 Apr

January 2011 The SnapGoods team is excitedly talking about the fact that we’re locking in accommodations for our newbie trip to Austin, Texas for SxSW 2011.  We’re up for an innovation award in the Community category.  We’re in the middle of planning and building our 2.0 to put the want and the assist at the center of your experience and right as we’re wrangling tickets, making house plans, posting want ads for bikes and other gear on SnapGoods Austin (which didn’t really exist at the time) we start to hear it: rumblings of veteran distaste for 2011.  Indications that

Sx might be over.

‘Oh crap,’ I think to myself, it’s last call and the three musketeers of SG have only just now put on our best chemises to head over to the party.

Where the party at?

I wonder if all the beer will be gone?  Will all of the legitimately cool kids that I like, respect and hope to grow up and be like have headed to some other scene by the time we get to this SxSW shinding?  I stew on it and plan our debutante ball.

February/Early March

Snapbracelets? Check. SnapGoods scannable QR codes?  Check. Check.  Let’s Hook Up t-shirts, and memory cards? You bet your sweet Snapgoods-orange chuck taylor booty!

Oh Snapbracelet!!

Let's Hook Up...Music Festival Style

So we’ve got housing, we’ve got a party to throw, we’ve got mad friends and Snapbassadors repping us and headed down with.  And we’ve also got this growing wave of veterans and experienced people protesting the carnival that SxSW has purportedly become.  But we’re still going.

March 11th-March 19th We. Rocked. Out.  We met tons of people.  Had tons of brunches, drinks, fist bumps, high fives, debates, laughs (oh my God so many laughs), connections, opportunities.  We met new people, connected new people, got to know old people (like literally geriatrics and friends we already had) better, saved the day for a few bands as a company (amps blow, stores close, SnapGoods community doesn’t), slept little, played hard, got motivated, understood our customers better, understood how other people saw our product better, skipped lines, crashed parties, saw WuTang Clan live, hung out and talked real-life stuff with funny actor man and evolved thinker Romany Malco.  So like I said it was fantastic.

Was it overdone? Sure.  Was there way too much going on to enjoy everything? No question.  Were there to many friggin’ oversponsored overwrought velvet line-y (really Geek Gods? Really I can’t get in to this b2b CRM pencil-sharpening software party?) Did it have the authentic cosa nostra feel of yesteryear when it was only the hardest core of hardcore geeks…I would know but I SERIOUSLY doubt it.  But I can share with you this last, greatest part: The most beautiful part of South by Southwest to me was the unfettered, unbridled intensity to achieve.  There were TENS OF THOUSANDS of bands, startup entrepreneurs, filmmakers all there to do one thing: show off the thing they made that they believe can change the world.  Period.  And it was intoxicating.  Perhaps it was annoying to have all of these newbies running around but you have to stand in awe of the countless hordes of individuals who all believe that the statistics are talking about the other guy.  The the 95% of bands that never get a deal story is someone else’s story.  That the 90% of startups that never even make it past the first year are the companies started by other guys.

So here’s to you, guy who works at the movie theater and is a part-time Manny to fund film school which got you the submission at SxSW.  And to you dudette who quit her stable well paying job to launch that awesome art application that will change how we access art.  And to you intrepid lead singer fella who manages to hold down 3 jobs at 4 different fast food joints while gigging your way in to SxSW showcases by performing 4 nights per week back home.  Rock the hell you guys.

And to you vets, I hear you on the shark jumping but ask that you remember that the corporate interests are not NEARLY as important for Sx as encouraging and fanning that flame for dream pursuing.  And there are very few places I have EVER been to with such a high level of collective aspiration.  So let’s support THAT, if nothing else.  In the end who cares if Sx jumped the shark as long as creatives are collaborating and innovating and making real change happen?  Strap me on some waterskis with the Fonz and count me in.

The New New Hotness

10 Mar

So we’re gearing up to hit the road TOMORROW to bring Sharegasms to the good people and visitors of Austin, TX for SxSW and we couldn’t be more stoked to finally admit what we’ve been wanting to for 24 hours…WE’RE coming to your town!!!

And what better way to celebrate our finally being ready to activate snapsters nationwide than to find out that Tech Crunch agreed that what we’ve built is the new hotness! Obvi we tots agree, yo.  So, we’re not quite as cute as a bucket of puppies:
BUT, thanks to all of our intrepid early Snapsters and supporters, we’re a hell of a lot more functional, fun and we come housebroken already.

So what’s new and what’s got everyone from Toronto to Moscow curious?

Well, for starters…YOU!  We put more YOU into snapgoods.  Your network, your interests, your needs, all bundled up into a (still work in progress but evolving) user experience that does a better job of connecting you to people who want to hook you up.  And THAT is what we’ve realized this is about.  You may not always have that thing I’m looking for, but you know someone who does.  So we’ve made it easy for you to pass the message AND get rewarded for the assist.  That’s the power of your network working for you!

We’ve also made SnapGoods even safer and gotten rid of the need for a paypal account.  Did I mention the SnapGoods Guarantee??  If you lend a verified snapster your gear and it comes back damaged, we’ve got you covered! No stress, no worries, because we deeply connect to our users and we’ve got your back.  That makes us the safest and easiest place to borrow or rent from your network and neighbors anywhere on the web.  There’s even more to see and do on the inside so get in there, register and get hooked up!

Big shouts to the Our Revolution Roadtrip crew out on the road igniting citizen led social good!  Keep up the good work and see you guys in Austin!!

Proof that We Rock…Hard

7 Mar

We love music.  Mike goes to more shows than there are calendar days .  Ron used to rap.  John does a mean scotch fueled beatbox and can’t be stopped on air guitar.  So it was awesome when we got to hang with Deadbeat Darling because 1) we love their music, 2) they love SnapGoods and 3) they were like, ‘love to get on cam and talk about it.’  Boom. No-brainer.  So here’s a lil’ something we put together to record the moments…(thanks to ETC Productions for being awesome!)

Now, while Joe is a natural on cam talking about a sweet community focused platform for getting the hook up, YOU AIN’T SEEN NOTHING until you see these guys perform.  Bowery Ballroom show was legendary!  Go find out where they’re playing next!

And now, check out the vid, leave a comment and share the love…there’s a special link buried in the description…if you haven’t seen SG2.0 and have been jonesing for an invite code…voila!

Orange is the New Color of Collaborative Consumption

1 Mar

We received some awesome credit for being protagonists and pioneers in the Collaborative consumption space and wanted to share the love and also give our own credit to the things around us that inspire!

Have some of my SnapGoods Orange

If we’re going to suggest you do stuff that’s good for you, we’re going to make damn sure that stuff is enjoyable and delicious.  In that spirit, we’ve selected the humble, noble, sweet and delectable orange as our flag of tasty better living.  The orange is shareable.  The orange is sweet.  The orange is good for you. To quote crazy man and globe trotting bad boy Charlie Sheen, the orange is “winning!”

We woke up this morn and were more than a little excited to see chief Snapster and co-founder Ron J get written up by the awesome Collaborative Consumption representers and authors of the most excellent tome What’s Mine is Yours.

Read this now!

We’re big fans of the work of authors Rachel and Roo for their awareness-raising and thought leading efforts and are proud to be counted among the ranks of so many awesome entrepreneurs tackling the space in a variety of innovative ways.

In the spirit of sharing, it’s only right and fun and fair to share that co-founder and resident product Jockey/Jedi Master (AND BIRTHDAY BOY so wish him happy birthday here or here) deserves recognition for combatting the evils of wack code and unimpressive execution of good ideas made even better through collaboration.  Also, Mike G is a champ who manages to bang out cross-platform, cross-browser, cross device goodness while maintaining a keen sense of what must-attend concerts are coming up.

Viva la Collaborative Consumption movement and big thanks to the What’s Mine is Yours squad and other awesome entrepreneurs, authors and USERS LIVING IT in the space!