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We’re Hiring…But Not if You’re Looking for a Job

1 Nov

I was inspired to make a flowchart after a conversation with my Co-Founder. John had spoken with a candidate who seemed on the fence about whether he wanted to get a job at an established company or pursue his passion and build something amazing with a small team at an early stage startup. Such different things that I couldn’t even begin to enumerate them all so I decided to make some visuals. Feel free to comment on what I’ve missed.  Add your own.

Bottom line. We’re hiring. But I WILL NOT hire you if you’re simply looking for a job. This is an adventure. It’s a pursuit of passion. It’s a calling to build something that changes how people live. It’s long nights. It’s weekends. It’s what you think about even when you don’t “have to be thinking about it”. It’s a commitment to surprise even yourself with your creativity and ingenuity. And it’s a lot of damn fun working with a wonderful team of tech geeks, biz creators, and awesome investors who love to shake things up. But it sure as hell ain’t a job.

So click on the flow chart and see if you’re cut out to come join us. We’re hiring. Position descriptions here (http://bit.ly/qSdtvL).

So you want to work at a startup?